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Inspection 2024

Tags + Paperwork:

  • All sheep must have an EID tag fitted.

  • All members are responsible for notifying EID Cymru or EID England of your movement.

  • List the tag number on a sheet along with the sire and dam numbers. Please also bring a matching Dalton type tag.

  • The other ear must be free of all tags

  • In and out licenses must be provided with individual EID numbers, signed and completed.

  • A cheque written out to Balwen W M SS to be provided.


Important Information:


England Inspections:

Manchester and the North = Book in with Chris Lewis

Cirencester = Contact Chris Lewis

South West = Contact Chris Lewis

Additional information:

Please pre book at least 2 days before the inspections.

Any other area please contact Chris Lewis to arrange on

01600 780087.

Mobile number to contact on day of inspection:

Chris Lewis = 07792232758

Lambs MUST have EID tags in before they come to inspection or they WILL NOT be inspected.

All members are responsible for notifying EID Cymru or EID England of their movements.

Please bring two completed movement licences, outward and inward,

You must bring both sire and dam numbers.

Please remember your tags,

You must abide by the Society's bio-security rules and any sheep with dirty feet WILL NOT be inspected.

You must abide by the 6 day standstill on your holding unless you have a designated isolation unit approved by DEFRA.

No animals will be inspected at sales in the future.

2024 Dates for inspections....

  •                22nd June - Rhayader

  •                7th August - Llanybydder

  •                12th August - Raglan

  •                3rd August - Bryncir


                        England to contact Chris

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